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??????? Wisdom Military Equipment Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Wisdom M.E.) is a professional manufacturer of camouflage net, we also supply many military products such as ghillie suit, ACU/BDU, military tent, military fabric, backpack, sleeping bag, belt and so on. Our company is located in Beijing, we are the top suppier of camouflage net for Chinese army and we have a very excellent group of camouflage technicists dedicated on this field for over ten years, the grass style single layer whole band camouflage net and leaves shape multispectral camouflage net are our latest inventions.
Since the establishment of Wisdom M.E., with its substantial resources, high-quality products and excellent reputation, our company has entered into business transactions with client from Europe, Middle East, Asia, North America, etc. Our consistent goal is always trying our best to find the best solution to fulfill each customer's unique needs.
We extend warm welcome to the friends from all circles both at home and abroad in establishing wide relations of production, of trade and of science & technology cooperation.
Thank you for visiting Wisdom Military Equipment Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.!

About Wisdom M.E.  About Wisdom M.E.
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